ASUC Student Union Inaugural Open House Event

To celebrate the opening of the newly renovated ASUC Student Union on UC Berkeley's campus, the Student Union hosted a socked-theme Open House event to highlight the building's residents and services. Participants received BINGO! cards and traveled throughout the Student Union, collecting stickers at different locations along the way. Once their game card was filled out, they received a pair of branded socks and were entered into a raffle for additional prizes.


When you've waited over five years for the renovation of a building to be complete, how do you celebrate? Our goal was not only to throw an epic celebration but to also increase foot traffic in the building and educate our audience on the programs, services, and spaces inside. With a shoe-string budget, creative minds, and time not on our side, the Student Union marketing team put together a fun BINGO-inspired 4 hour event that left students and the community with a better understanding of the building and with warmer feet. 


We've all played BINGO at least once right? The basics are: a game card, filling it out in different formations, and winning a prize. Simple enough. The marketing team designed a custom BINGO! card that listed services and partner locations in the squares. In order for a student to get a space marked, they had to visit that location and get a sticker. Prizes were tiered by level of participation. A simple 5-in-a-row (any direction) garnered free socks. Further participation entered students into a raffle for bigger prizes. As an added bonus, at certain locations, our partners had their own giveaways including swag, food, or even provided games to play.  There was also entertainment (music, magicians, art demos) happening in communal areas. 

We considered different options and types of events but knew BINGO would be successful because:  
• Its a well-known game so we knew our audience wouldn't require a lot of explanation on how to play. 
• We could customize the game card to maximize buildings and spaces.
• Students could tailor their experience by the amount of time they have available. By adding tiers of participation, a student wouldn't feel excluded if they only have a short amount of time to play.
• By having tiers, we added larger prizes to incentivize higher participation.
• The user drove their experience. Instead of partners and residents having to draw people into their spaces, the game card naturally created engagement.
• It's fun! There are no losers. Everyone who did the minimum level of participation received a prize.

BINGO! card

Event Details

Because the building was new, the door counters weren't activated yet so we were unable to get exact metrics on the foot traffic in the building. However, based on visual analysis, the building saw a tremendous increase in visitors.  We were able to gain participant metrics based on how many BINGO cards were handed in. The results were: 919 participants handed in a BINGO! card to claim a prize and of that number there were 269 who did 5-in-a-row ; 242: blue prize (2 rows) ; 408: gold prize (full card). 


The Survey Says...

We used the email addresses we collected from participants to send a Typeform survey to get feedback about the event. We asked multiple choice, scale rating, and open ended questions to garner responses. Over 100 participants responded and below are examples of some of the answers.