This year for Thanksgiving, I traded the traditional family style gathering for an outdoorsy holiday instead. Tim and I hiked (briefly) in the Mojave Desert, camped in Death Valley, and stayed in a cabin in the Sierra National Forest at Shaver Lake, CA.  Minus the tarantula I almost stepped on in the Mojave Desert, the trip was exactly what I needed to unwind before the Christmas holiday.

Lava Tubes, Mojave Desert CA / photo by Tim Johnson


Death Valley National Park, CA

Death Valley is known as the International Dark Sky Park because of this. Photo by Tim Johnson

Kaya stealing the show.

View of Shaver Lake from 8,000 ft.

Everyone had a restful holiday, even Kaya.

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Where did my travels take me next? The great state of Alaska. What an extremely underrated place. I've heard that the demographic of tourists are people in their 60s and 70s. News flash Millennials: You are missing out on breathtaking geography that, to be honest, will not be around for much longer. You hear about the glaciers melting and global warming but have you ever really seen it first hand? Ending my rant with a PSA: Take care of the Earth and don't treat it like garbage. Also, go visit glaciers so you can appreciate them more.