ASUC Student Union Button Flyers

ASUC Student Union Marketing Department Promotional Item

If you’ve ever been to college campus before, then you’ve probably been handed a flyer — it’s a low budget way for student groups or vendors on campus to disseminate information. However, we found that on a campus like UC Berkeley, students are so inundated with flyers that they don’t even notice them anymore. We challenged ourselves to create a promotional item that was informative, creative, and something students actually wanted — that still looked and acted like a flyer. This is where the button flyer came in:

I worked with a student intern, Jennifer Siu, who was a strong illustrator. She designed four different campus scenes that represented the four different programs for the Student Union. The only caveat was that part of the design had to work as a button, which she executed flawlessly. Because these were custom promotional items (and we were on a tight budget) we manually put these cards together by ordering a flyer with two small die cut holes. We attached each button to the card (all 2000!) and then treated ourselves to Chipotle burritos.

button cards_1.jpg